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CRISTALLINI is recognized as one of Romania’s leading fashion houses specializing in red carpet gowns. Our designs are renowned for their elegance and refinement, combining classical elements of timeless beauty with a contemporary edge.

We’ve all dreamed of a red carpet moment, the flashes of the photographers, the feeling you get when you set your foot on that crimson walkway. And let’s not forget all the preparation that goes on before, the makeup artist, the hairdresser, the jewelry, and of course THE DRESS.

Since its founding in 2009, CRISTALLINI has successfully created a buzz among influential figures and celebrities alike. The ornate gowns and chic ready-to-wear pieces have been spotted on prominent red carpet events as well as popular television networks and recognized editorials.

With elegant gowns, refined and sophisticated cocktail dresses, luxurious bridal designs and stylish Ready-to-Wear outfits, CRISTALLINI is a Brand suited for all ages and tastes. Our gifted designers make sure that they add a touch of sparkle and a dash of cleverness into every creation, striving to highlight the enticing shapes of the feminine silhouette.


Whether you’re planning on attending a red carpet event, a benefit or a black tie wedding, making the upcoming season your most stylish one or simply stepping up your everyday look, our high fashion collections bring to life designs that truly reflect women’s silhouettes, ranging from cocktail and evening dresses, to jumpsuits, skirts, corsets, pants, jackets and capes.

CRISTALLINI aims to design a new kind of essential, one that pushes the boundaries of how we define classic. Distinctive cuts come together with a creative mix of materials, colors and signature techniques, created to show off the feminine beauty and create a flawless image of the lady who wears them.

Usher in a new era of style, one that is both modern yet completely timeless. From intricate Chantilly lace to demure mermaid silhouettes passing by handmade embroidery, allow yourself to be mesmerized by the CRISTALLINI bridal, day and eveningwear selection.


CRISTALLINI’s unique creations feature luxurious fabrics and surprising details, all wrapped into a secret and successful recipe:

Designed for events like cocktail parties, red carpet moments, weddings, fashionable and glamorous events, CRISTALLINI creations manage to create unforgettable experiences and moments.

Attention given to the finest details, natural fabrics that caress the skin, luxurious hand-sewn embroidery and a design that compliments the feminine silhouette are just a few of the details of CRISTALLINI creations, that impress with their unique style, of pure femininity. Each collection includes elements of ease and polish, femininity and practicality, and is always characterized by fine fabrics, unique silhouettes, and a sense of grown-up sophistication. Our creations boast an unmistakably beautiful intricacy, making them the perfect statement pieces for an unforgettable night, while being well crafted and perfectly fitted to every silhouette.



CRISTALLINI entered the fashion market in 2009 as a multi brand store with special occasion gowns, evening and cocktail dresses using fabrics and accessories of the highest quality.

The success of CRISTALLINI has led to a natural development of the brand towards designing our own models of dresses in the our Atelier. A team of professionals with many years of experience, passion and skill creates beautiful clothing items, with a design that is characterized by elegance, refinement and good taste.

CRISTALLINI dresses style are so designed as to meet the most demanding customers wishes. We believe that a well-chosen dress will highlight the features and shapes the feminine silhouette in order to make every woman feel special and admired.

The Brand was born out of the desire to provide and inspire a feeling of confidence and strength for the modern and sophisticated woman and is a symbol of style, elegance and femininity. From ingenues to icons, we have cemented our status as the effortlessly chic brand, destined for the spotlight, and the exquisite quality of our work is a reflection of the creativity and dedication invested in each garment, gown and dress.

Step into the world of glamour, elegance, femininity and style in CRISTALLINI dresses!

Our Showroom

Based in a classically designed architectural space on 7 Aleea Alexandru in Bucharest, our showroom sets the foundation for the impeccable services we aim to provide. Our professional advisers are waiting for you in a place loaded with history, where you will discover timeless CRISTALLINI creations. In a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, we will find the right CRISTALLINI outfit that will highlight your best assets.


The location also houses our Atelier, the magical place where the most spectacular and elegant creations come to life. With a combination of colors and materials such as refined Chantilly lace, dazzling ostrich feathers, sequin embellishments, sheer tule, royal velvet, dentelle and handmade embroidery, our creations trigger the pret-a-porter style in the aristocratic strong woman.

Within this wonderland, our designers use their whole imagination and dedication and the seamstresses their skilled hands to manually retouch, cut and embroider each detail of the dress.